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Rafael Ferraz
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Rafael Ferraz

While still a youngster Rafael had an affinity to art.  He liked to doodle 

characters and scenes depicting humorous events.  Naturally, he elected to take every available art class school could provide

including advanced placement drawing portfolio.


Entering the world of imagination with pencil in hand, he drafted the pathway to his future career.  Eager to flex his artistic muscles, he applied for a job at Walcutt Art.  A company whose murals adorned the walls of most Miami Subs, City Furniture, Calvary Chapel and even Pediatric Associates.  There he learned many techniques employed in creating murals from children's rooms to serene landscapes.  He also learned from the faux finish department how to create realistic hand painted wood grain, marbleizing, Venetian plaster, gilding and much more.


He founded Blended Edge to serve South Florida with your mural and faux finish projects.  Dedicating his time on every job in the small details, making sure that the client will be satisfied with the outcome.  It is always his pleasure to work with ideas brought to him and develop the finished look that you will be proud of.

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